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Brand New! 

 Photos from the 9-7-19

     Gathering of the Tribes VII

  Photos from the 10-6-18

     Gathering of the Tribes VI

  Photos from the 6-3-17

     Gathering of the Tribes V

  Photos from the 9-17-16

     Gathering of the Tribes IV

 Photos from the 6-6-15

     Gathering of the Tribes III

Photos from the 6-7-14

     Gathering of the Tribes II

Photos from the 4-13-13

     Gathering of the Tribes I

Photos from the 6-22/23-12

     40-year reunion weekend

Photos from the 10-9-10

     Intergalactic Space Party for

     the Classes of '71, '72, '73

Photos from the 10-6-07

     Reunion in 3-D ('71, '72, '73)

Photos from the 7-17-04

     Communal 50th Birthday Party

     for the Class of '72

Photos from the 5-4-02

     30-year reunion for '72 (held in the





JHS Magazine (All 31 issues)

► Newest Issue No. 31 (Fall 2017)

Issues of the "Jer-Echo"




Elementary School Pix 

Photo Gallery: Pix of You Back

    When You Were Adorable

New! Arty-facts: One Man's Trash Is

     Another Man's ... Trash

New! Band Room (Jericho Musicians

    Share Their Sounds)




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Reunion Info: Gathering of the

    Tribes 8: 20/20 Hindsight Reunion


             HALL OF FAME          


Brand NewPix from the 2019 Hall

    of Fame Induction Ceremony

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     2008 2007 2006




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► A Tribute to Those Who Have

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    Since you haven't been here in a while, consult the map below to help

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    supervised raves in the gym during sixth period, Monday-Wednesday-



    Boy, times sure have changed!



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